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Floer 3714 PVC Click – Veluwe Untreated

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Floer Nature Click PVC – Veluwe Untreated offers not only strength and stability, but also a beautiful light oak appearance. With extra width (22.9 cm) and length (151 cm) and a simple Fastclick connection, this click PVC floor is easy to lay. The ‘rigid mineral core’ interlayer provides strength and stability. With a 0.55 mm wear layer, it is suitable for intensive domestic and commercial use, with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty for domestic use. The rustic wood pattern and palpable oak structure give a lifelike oak ambience. With luxurious V-groove, scratch resistance, water resistance, suitability for underfloor heating and fire retardancy, Floer PVC is environmentally friendly and produced with the lowest possible emission value (A+). Discover this PVC floor at your Floer dealer!

Veluwe Untreated

Strong, Stable, but above all beautiful to look at: the Floer Nature Click PVC – Veluwe Untreated floor has it all. The luxury wood-textured click PVC floors are not only extra wide at 22.9 cm, but also extra long at a whopping 151 cm! Waar standaard PVC verlijmd moet worden, leg je deze klik PVC vloer gemakkelijk en snel met de eenvoudige Fastclick verbinding. Thanks to the rigid mineral core interlayer, this Click PVC is incredibly strong but, above all, remains stable. With its 0.55 mm ironclad wear layer, the Floer Click PVC is suitable for any situation. Applicable for both intensive domestic and intensive commercial use. You get a manufacturer’s warranty of no less than 20 years on click PVC floors with domestic use! Please note that this guarantee is only given in combination with the Rigid Click PVC underlay, especially for rigid click PVC floors.
Besides its many practical benefits, the Floer Nature Click PVC – Veluwe Untreated floor with its light oak appearance is beautiful to look at! The atmospheric rustic wood pattern gives the extra-wide and long planks a lifelike oak feel. The visible oak structure can additionally be felt in the plank. Furthermore, the Floer PVC Veluwe Untreated also has a luxury V-groove around the plank. Besides the unprecedented oak natural look, the Floer click PVC has all the benefits of PVC flooring. Thus, the floor is extremely scratch-resistant, very easy to clean, 100 % water-resistant, well-suited for underfloor heating and also fire-retardant. Nature Click PVC floors are also produced eco-friendly and have the lowest possible emission value (A+). All this is possible thanks to the clever combination of PVC and Stone Minerals, discover it for yourself at your Floer dealer!